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Professional Development Series

By Don Howell 

Softcover 198 pp.(5-1/2" x 8-1/2")

IBSN: 978-1-56325-144-3 


A Guide to Interviewing Sex Crime Victims and Interviewing Sexually Motivated Offenders, all into one easy-to-read guide.
Part 1: This book takes you through some simple steps for interviewing the littlest victims to teenagers, and then on to adults and senior citizens.
Part 2: Taking the mystery out of interviewing sex offenders is what this part of the book is designed to do.


Is this book full of complex definitions and psychological terms?  
No. This book is designed to help you catch sex offenders, not cure them. With this in mind, this book describes how easy it is to use their behavioragainst them during interview.

Do I have to remember a long list of interviewing themes to successfully 
No. The five trademarks of the suspect interview can be used in a multitude of offender interviews.

Are all child molesters pedophiles? 
No. There are many “types” of offenders that will molest children. Pedophiles are perhaps the fewest in number.

Why do I have to interview sex offenders differently than other criminals? 
The motivation for sex offenses is different than other crimes. This makes sex offenders the most fascinating criminal law enforcement deals with. Their crimes have nothing to do with money or anger towards a specific person, meaning we need added strategies to interview them.

Lecture Information

Lecture Fees: 
• Negotiable - contact for more information 
$20.00 per student for a copy of “Sex Crimes Interviews Simplified." 
This book is the handout material for the basic course. A wholesale price for books can be arranged, depending on the number of books sold.

Course Information

Basic Course:

  • The importance of proper interviewing skills when dealing with victims of sex crimes.
  • The Stick Figure System, for interviewing children ages 7 and younger. (1 hour)
  • Understanding sex offender behavior as it relates to the suspect interview. This includes: (6 hours)

Six Phases of the Sexual Assault

  • The different types of sex offenders
  •  Why different types of sex offenders Don’t Like Each Other
  •  New interview Strategies for sex offenders
  •  Five Trademarks of the suspect interview
  •  Anti logic aka what is the victim really saying and why did the suspect “do that.”
  •  Rape Fantasy
  •  Why sex offenders “Don’t get it”
  •  When something’s not right
  •  False Reports
  •  How did they become sex offenders
  •  Putting it all together
  •  Audio and Video tapes of actual suspect interviews
  •  How understanding suspect behaviors influences your victim interview.

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